The End of Life Vehicle Directive requires motor vehicle manufacturers to offer a free take back service for the last registered keeper if the vehicle has come to the end of its useful life, regardless of the vehicles first registration date. The vehicle is required to be complete and contain the essential components including engine, transmission, coachwork, wheels and catalysts where fitted. The vehicle must also be free of any additional waste such as garden or household waste.


Aston Martin has selected Cartakeback Ltd to provide a free take back service to the last keeper of Aston Martin vehicles. Cartakeback has a network of Authorised Treatment Facilities that are fully licenced by the Environment Agency.


Should you wish to have your vehicle collected and appropriately recycled, deregistered and be issued with an official Certificate of Destruction, please visit CarTakeBack.


For more information on de-pollution and recycling of an ELV please call the Cartakeback Helpline 0845 2573233