The following consensus for Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings plc was updated on 1 May 2019.  This consensus reflects analyst expectations received between 28 February and 30 April 2019*.


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Financial Year ended 31 December 2019 analyst consensus estimates

31 Dec 19 (GBPm) Ave. High Low No. of estimates
Wholesales (#) 7,148 7,277 6,998 9
Net Revenue 1,246 1,269 1,210 9
Adj. EBITDA 295 306 285 9
Adj. EBIT 158 166 151 9
Adj. EBT 100 112 88 9
Adj. EPS (p) 33.1 40.7 29.0 9

*Note: Aston Martin Lagonda is currently covered by 12 analysts. All 12 analysts were asked to contribute to the consensus, however a small number have not submitted their full estimates within the specified date range or have asked to be excluded.


The full list of analysts covering Aston Martin Lagonda are:

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Kai Mueller


Max Warburton


Michael Dean

Credit Suisse

Daniel Schwarz

Deutsche Bank

Tim Rokossa

Goldman Sachs

Gungun Verma


Giulio Pescatore


Philippe Houchois

J.P.Morgan Cazenove

Jose Asumendi

Kepler Cheuvreux

Thomas Besson

Mediobanca Securities

Andrea Balloni


David Larkam

Legal disclosure

"The financial forecasts presented above have not been prepared by and are not endorsed in any way by Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings plc (“Aston Martin Lagonda”). Aston Martin Lagonda has not verified or commented on any individual estimates, nor does it intend to do so in the future. Aston Martin Lagonda assumes no responsibility to update, revise or otherwise comment on any of the information contained in these forecasts. It should be noted that financial forecasts are, by definition, forward looking, and are therefore subject to various risks and uncertainties which are subject to change at any time."